This will be achieved by bridging the gap with academia and thereby promoting the commercialization of knowledge, solutions and research results. In cooperation with the Swedish University of Building Engineering Sciences, the program aims at improving the collaboration between the construction industry, research institutes and other organizations.

The program is a continuation of the initial work performed during 2009-2011. Provided this newly started phase shows positive results, it is the intention of Vinnova and the industrial partners to continue with the program for a total period of 15 years.


  • To contribute to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • To create measurable employment and sustainable revenue growth in the Swedish construction industry.
  • To strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish construction in the international market.
  • To create a more positive environment for research within academia and a state where companies have a higher demand for individuals holding a PhD degree.
  • Duration and funding

Vinnova 's contribution will mostly finance research and development at universities, colleges and institutes, as well as at Small and Medium Enterprises. Following recommendations of the program's Board, Vinnova could also decide to provide financing for individual projects driven by industrial partners. The co-financing provided by the Swedish industry will primarily be covered through work from their own employees.



For more information please contact:

Anna Land
Programme co-ordinator